American Immigrant Episode 4

American Immigrant Episode 4 “How to escape a Cesarean Section” Part 2 is now out on sound cloud.

Join Hamilton Pevec and as his wife Devika Gurung goes into labour while continuing navigate the Nepali medical system to have a natural birth. Can Hamilton witness the birth of his first child?

Producer – Hamilton Pevec

Co-Producer –Neesha Bremner & The Storyteller Project/Storyteller Productions.


American Immigrant Podcast -Episode 3

In this episode we join Hamilton Pevec and his Nepali wife Devika Gurung as they navigate the Nepalese health system while preparing for the birth of their first child.

Can they get a non-caesarean birth?

Episode Three ~ How to Escape a Cesarean Section. Part One.

Written & Produced by Hamilton Pevec

Co-Produced by Neesha Bremner ( The Storyteller Project)

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