Operation cake is go…

Lovely supporters of the dream,

Next Saturday, October 10, A cake stall will be selling lovely things to help cover in country cost while in Nepal volunteering and story gathering. 

If you have kindly decided to donate your baked goodies the market is in Silverdale, just north of Auckland, and starts at 7.30 am. But I can pick up the goodies on Friday night or you can drop them off. So if you are contributing thank you thank you thank you!!!! Also a estimated price to sell your goodies at would be fabulous!!!!!

Flick me an email so we can sort out all the details and a special thanks to Sarah for your ongoing help and assistance.

much love

Neesha xxx

8 thoughts on “Operation cake is go…

  1. Hi Neesha, am happy to supply cakes but will working at Porcini on Friday night and definitely dont do 7.30am!!!!! 🙂 Would you be able to collect cakes/goodies? Buster may be home so maybe you could collect from him? Let me know what you think will work for you. X Karen

  2. Thank you boganette!!!!! And thanks Euan!!! Lemon meringue coconut limey goodness sounds good. Just send some good vibes to raise lots of funds instead. That would be awesome!!! Thanks for your support everyone!!!

  3. Hey Neesha,

    it’s em from creative writing…i would LOVE to bake a cake for this if i could just give it to you on our tutorial next friday? what kind of cake would you like??


    • Em, That would be fabulous honey!! I would love that!! Thank you!!! You rock! if you could bring it in something easy to carry? have a great weekend hon xx

  4. As I said before have mercy with the visually impaired who have great difficulty reading your stuff in this font in white on black. Why not make it easier for everyone and go to the common black on white with a slightly bigger font.
    PS just testing if it works.

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