I knew I was going to get culture shock when I arrived here  though i wasn’t prepared for how hard it hit me when I arrived here a week ago..I didn’t do heaps of reading etc on the situation(Though the Nepalese Society answered all my questions and then some) -before I got here as I wanted to it to speak for itself rather then me impose some construct of what the situation is here. The rawness of life really strikes you and how incredibly lucky we are in NZ… we really have no idea how good we’ve got it. Power cuts are a daily occurrence here  and in certain periods of the year these can be up to 18 hours a day. The dust and pollution  and water are all issues as is just existing for sections of the four million residents in Kathmandu. Homeless children as young as four or younger beg in the streets of Thamel at night..mothers ask you for milk while shoving their baby , who is crying in your face…it is quite confronting…and all done in English as the Nepalese are incredibly well educated.There have been tears..it is learning to observe and take it all in so I can write about it constructively..not be trite or condescending about it…I am still waiting to link in with some ex homeless children I have been linked into by an NZ NGO . One of the most telling things for me so far has  been watching these two little girls playing in this pile of rubbish and filth between two buildings…these children where covered in dirt, they found a rope and a started skipping….. it totally got to me. I am starting gather some nice images which i will share  ASAP…looking forward to meeting the ex homeless children looked after by Orphans Aid International. Sorry this is all a bit stream of consciousness but  I have Kathmandu pollution head…seriously the amount of stuff in the air  is mind boggling..like breathing through a fire place/car engine!It has to be said the Nepalese I have had the luck to meet so far are amazing. I love this city.

5 thoughts on “Kathmandu

  1. Hi there…so glad to hear about your trip so far. it amazes me how these little darlings survive. Always wonderful to see the fruits of your labours. ENJOY
    lots of love

  2. Wow…so emotional and a daunting need for the basics simply to survive. yes, how could I possibly understand what it is like to live like that when I have everything I need and way, way too much more besides. Please tell about what it is like for live that that on a daily basis…

  3. Wow heavy. I think it’s quite brave to go to a place that is so confronting. I don’t think I’d have the balls for it. I’m glad you’re there and able to share with people around the world what’s going on over there.

    Love you. Be safe girl!

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