Bhanda -day 1

A few hours ago, according to the Himalayan Times, Maoists took to the streets of Kathmandu filling the night  with  shadows  sourced from burning brands.

I don’t know about you, but for me a group of protesters carrying burning torches and patrolling the streets has a menacing undertone.

The Himalayan Times was a sobering read this morning. The email in my inbox from a Nepali friend , “Bob” (named changed) was even more sobering.

This is what Bob had to say about the Maoists actions in Nepal;

“They have weapons and ordered people to come to the capital city for war with government. And many people came from village and participant in their demonstration though many people do not have desire to participant.”
“Actually Maoist are lying to the world. They are playing double role. One thing saying to the world -but another things they are doing here. Their activities are  against the democracy.”

Other friends I have managed to contact say it’s okay but a bit edgy with locals advising them not to go out.

But it is Nepal, anything could happen and everything could be fine in a few days or not. It is that kind of country.What to do?

Also the American’s have stopped  public services  at the embassy- I don’t like it when embassies close like that.

For all the latest happenings in Nepal. I suggest the Himalayan Times is a good starting point.

Check  them out here

P.S If you have any news of what is happening, on the ground in Nepal, please get in touch.

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