Tibetan refugees in Nepal

Interesting little story of one issue faced by Tibetan refugees fleeing into Nepal.


Tibetans robbed in Nepal forest


–>Subas Yonjan

DOLAKHA: As the number of Tibetans entering Nepal from areas bordering Dolakha district increases, instances of them falling vicitms to robbery have also gone up.
Eight Tibetan immigrants en route to Charikot from Lamabagar were robbed near Jhamarsi in Lamidanda VDC on Friday night. The amount of cash and property robbed is yet to be confirmed.
According to police, 10 Tibetans who had entered Nepal illegally were also robbed of Rs 44 thousand in Banchare of Lamidanda last Wednesday. Later, police arrested the Tibetans and handed them over to the Immigration Office.
Meanwhile, Dhiraj Pratap Singh, DSP in the district, said he had received a message that of the eight Tibetans who had illegally entered Nepal, one had travelled to Kathmandu and seven others were on the way to the district headquarters. DSP Singh said security had been tightened in border areas of the district.
Tibetans have also been entering from Gongar and Singati areas. More than 62 Tibetans have entered Nepal from the Lamabagar entry point in the last few months. Police estimate that hundreds of Tibetans might have entered Nepal from other entry points in the district.
Tibetans arrive at Dolakha after walking for nearly five days. DSP Singh said, “Most of them fall sick because of the long trek they have to take and the nights that they spend in the forests.” He also said Tibetans are robbed in Nepal as they cannot speak Nepali and often fall ill due to the tiresome journey they have to make.

Sourced from The Himalayan Times

Does anyone have any good contacts with groups working with Tibetan refugees in Nepal?

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