Nepal and Northern India Earthquake

An earthquake  struck Nepal and Northern India at 6.10 pm local time on Sunday, September 18.  Indian English language News X service is reporting that the 6.8 quake hit the region causing significant damage, waves up local rivers and casualties. Associated Press footage from Nepal shows a number of dead at a Kathmandu hospital, the crumbled wall of the UK embassy and people out in the streets post quake. (Please note in the link provided there is footage that may disturb some people.)

The Kathmandu Post is reporting landslides and seven deaths from one landslide alone in the Rolpa district. (* please note this landslide occurred the day before the quake, my apologies for any misunderstanding) The Guardian is reporting 16 confirmed deaths and damage to buildings.

Infrastructure and building codes are variable in Nepal so the potential for more fatalities and damage to needed services is high. The steep mountainous terrain means there is a potential risk for more landslides.

If anyone has any additional information on what is happening within Nepal please let me know. You can email me at

To all my friends in Nepal, be safe!

2 thoughts on “Nepal and Northern India Earthquake

  1. Please note, The Kathmandu Post link is to an unrelated landslide which occurred before the earthquake. My apologies for any misunderstanding.For the most up to date info on twitter follow #nepalearthquake and for conventional news the Times of India is providing great coverage though mostly on Indian aspects which is to be expected. I will be checking coverage over the day but feel free to post links here or send them directly to my email. Thanks!

  2. The latest news links;

    A big thanks to those who got in touch. I am very grateful that all my friends and contacts so far are safe and sound. I will keep you updated as information comes to hand. This earthquake could potentially cause further infrastructure problems to the developing nation which is the last thing Nepal needs in the current politically unstable environment.

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