Chai lag

Six hours into Kathmandu and I am already stunned by the synchronicity. I am also jet-lagged and Chai bloated adding to the wonderment that is post flight water retention. As uncle ( the owner of a guesthouse I stayed at on my last trip here) said “have you got fat?”, no, “Uncle it’s just Nepal you are all small here.”

Weight  comments aside I have been quietly embraced again by Kathmandu. A gentle embrace.

Walking from my guesthouse, Family Peace House managed by the lovely Bimal, I was greeted as a lost family member by people I used to see walking out and about the city in 2010.  Walking past a little store that sells samosas I was greeted with such smiles, and another store owner pulled me and drowned me in glasses of  sweet milky Chai, promptly followed by more Chai the next store down and another on my walk back home from a coffee hit at a local haunt for NGO types, volunteers, travellers and those needing a solid wifi connection.

Speaking of coffee, I need more.

Travelling is filled with such joys but lack of sleep, though it can make working your international adapters interesting, is not one of them. Everything feels vaguely surreal, familiar, unfamiliar…horn beepingly present and disconnected in this state. But I am here and interesting stories are already revealing themselves.





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