Kiwis in the land of Oz – part II

Feedback from my previous blog discussing a Guardian article by Samantha Prendergast illustrating the struggles of Kiwi’s living in Australia without the legal rights to access government support has been overwhelming.

Some of the stories people have chosen to share illustrate a tenuous existence. Some said they had no desire to return home to NZ but due to the lack of legal protections for Kiwi’s who arrive in Australia post 2001 they have no choice if things go badly.

I am looking to talk with as many Kiwis in Australia and to those whom have moved back home to New Zealand due to their current legal status as guest workers with very little recourse to better their residency status except through expensive spousal visas in the “lucky country.”

Please use the provided contact form to get in touch. Please state if you wish to be contacted further and if you wish to have your identity protected.

And to the many people whom have already been in touch – thank you – I will get back to you over the next couple of weeks.



2 thoughts on “Kiwis in the land of Oz – part II

  1. *forgot to mention our experience on arrival… landing at the airport and getting through customs was the easyist, however getting a rental and credit to buy furnature was almost impossible as no one would use our newzealand references!! no work history = no income history which = you to not being accepted for any rental or credit cards (GE finance nzl aparently doesnt share information with GE finance australia) so if it wern’t for a kind land loard giving us a private rental and taking our word on good faith, we would have been going home alot sooner.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I am in the process of going through responses to gauge what the general experience of New Zealanders arriving and living in Australia is. Please get in touch if you have any further questions.

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