The end of an era…

In 2009 The Storyteller Project was birthed into the world to coincide with my first journey to my second home Nepal.

Through The Storyteller Project I’ve been privileged to meet an incredible array of people from behind the lens and through story gathering, developing and researching for documentaries and as print journalist, sometime opinion piece writer and as a co-producer.

Rickety buses laden with life and the cattle trucks of the sky have opened doors to new countries, new adventures, new friends, new stories across the world and bucket loads of love and joy with a smidgen of sorrow to make the good stuff even sweeter.

I’ve sat down on dusty streets and smoked cigarettes with street kids, witnessed rituals by buddhist monks, had a knife pulled on me on public transport, had a run in or two with child traffickers, got a wee bit up close and personal with a military bayonet and perhaps had more than my fair share of interesting conversations with highly dubious characters…

Some adventures have been more successful than others but I value every moment.

So many people have joined me on this seven year journey to support and help out in a myriad of ways. Thank you to my friends and family -I cannot not accurately describe what your love and support means to me.

A few people  deserve a special mention; Rob Harley , Antony Lowenstein, Tobie Openshaw, Hamilton Pevec, Abigail Varney, Kristy Brown and Jeff Hann.

I’d also like to thank all the great organisations I’ve crossed paths with, with a special mention to Child and Youth First and the incredible Haushala Thapa.

I best get to the point then eh?

After these seven glorious, challenging, marvellous and sometimes vaguely terrifying years it is time to put The Storyteller Project to bed.

I’m a wee bit sad but I want to work creating content and telling great stories through image, word and film differently than the solo mission that was The Storyteller Project.

I want to work with passionate talaneted creators across formats as we need real storytellers and truth seekers more then ever. And if I am anything I am a storyteller and a truth seeker through image and word.

I’ve gathered so many skills that I want to put to use. Hit me up in the New Year if you need a multi talented and skilled Neesha Bremner in your team.

The Storyteller Project website will remain online for the next few months and you can contact me via email

Thank you. I’ll miss you Storyteller Project but I am excited, nervous and hopeful about whatever comes next.


Neesha Bremner

Director & Founder ~ The Storyteller Project







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