Founded in 2009 The Storyteller Project is the brainchild of multimedia journalist  Neesha Bremner.

Neesha  is a freelance journalist specialising in social issues, the voluntourism industry and children in the developing world.

An avid traveler Neesha has nearly ten years experience as a multimedia journalist; having worked for NGO’s, print media, television and in  documentaries.

She is a passionate storyteller, focusing on the human dimensions of a story, a photographer and budding documentary maker.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. production assistant / trainee/ intern = apprentice, no? — in the medieval meaning of the term, where you lived and breathed the work you were training in, until you were good enough, then you struck out on your own to figure things out as a journeywoman, and then when you were good enough, you set up shop as a master.

    This is a cool project, I look forward to seeing it as expands!

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