Storyteller Project Jam Night Fundraiser

Hi All,

The wonderful songstress Anna K has organised a fundraising gig to help cover my in country costs while volunteering. Thank you Anna.

Anna will be having a jam along with other local talented musical and poetical folks…so come if you can!!!


The details are below – see you there!!!!!!!!!!


Roasted Addiqtion Cafe, New North Road, Kingsland

Thursday 22nd October, 7pm

Performers $2, non-performers $5.

Poets or musicians welcome on the night.

Raffle, food and other goodies available, so bring spare pingers – Gonna be a great night! Woop!


And in other fabulous news my volunteer position with Orphans Aid International has been confirmed – yipeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

The Kiwi run organisation has orphanages in India, Romania, Russia and a small program in  Kathmandu, Nepal. OAI supports a home for 11 children whom were previously homeless. I will be helping out gathering information on all the children, what their lives were like before the home, how it has changed etc. It is also likely that I will get to venture out to their “home” villages and maybe even meet their families and find out why the children left home. The children at the home are from 5 years old to 15. 

So it is shaping up to be quite an adventure folks!!!

Thank you so much for your on-going support!!!!

Neesha xx

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