The Storyteller Project fundraising gig.

Wow, what a wonderful evening! Much thanks must go to the wonderful Anna Kaye who organised the event and got heaps of amazing musicians and poets to donate their performances for a lovely night. And thank you Roasted Addiqtion for providing the venue for us!!!

Thanks to all those who played and read, who attended the event and brought raffle tickets ( also those of you who donated items for the raffle, and yummy things to eat etc – David , Miri, Anna and the lemon cupcake lady!!!!)

The event raised $180 which will cover a good ten days in Nepal!  

I am chuffed beyond belief with all the support and the amazing people coming into my life because I have this dream.

It is quite humbling and I feel very blessed. 

In gratitude,



PS. The lovely Miri and Dan took some pictures of the evening which I will endeavor to post soon! 🙂

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