Three weeks and counting!

All of a sudden it has just dawned on me – holy moly in three weeks I will be on a plane to Nepal!!!!!!!!!!!

This week I have a meeting with the Nepalese Society of New Zealand to learn more about Nepal, the culture, poverty and  all the other bits n’ pieces that will help me out when I get there. The group is also covering costs for a whole week in country!!!!! Wow! Thank you so much!!!

My volunteer job with Orphan Aid International is all lined up and ready to go and we are having a meeting before I go to firm up the working brief for gathering the stories of the children Orphan Aid supports in Kathmandu. And it looks like I have a stay at another orphanage in Kapan for my first couple of weeks – just sorting out the final details. Yippeeeee!

I am still doing some fundraising to cover my costs in country – if you want to contribute- you can donate to my account at PayPal – 

So basically I am in the getting everything organised phase – moving out of my apartment, doing odd jobs here and there to raise as much money as I can before I go. I am really keen to do some yoga and mediation training while I am there alongside gathering stories and volunteering.

So it’s bring on the adventure!!! It still doesn’t feel real yet even though it is actually happening. All rather overwhelming and wonderful and humbling at the same time. Wow, I am so lucky to get to step out on the path of my  dreams!!

And thank all for your support in this- I don’t really have the words to express my gratitude -especially to my core group of supporters ,mentors, and  my Nepalese based network – you know who you are (Sarah,Anna, Sue, the Karen’s, Pete, Tamar, all the baking crew and the professionals I have gone to for advice – Rob Harley, Sarah Short, Karen St John, the Orphan Aid International crew and  my Nepalese crew)- you rock!  And a special huge thank you to my parents who are backing me 110 percent in this and seeing this is really what I want to do with my life. It has been quite the adventure just getting here so thank you Rosemary and Hans Grueber!!

Any advice or thoughts or places to visit when I have some down time will be gratefully accepted.

I am open to what happens when I get there so it going to be quite the adventure folks!!!

Neesha xx

5 thoughts on “Three weeks and counting!

  1. Neesha, This is all so wonderful! I am so excited for you! You living and sharing your dreams gives me such hope that it is in fact possible for each of us. Thank you for sharing this good news. May the blessings continue.
    Love and hugs, Laura

  2. Namaste Neesha,

    Fantastic, great, I am so happy for you!
    Unfortunately I can not go to Nepal this year, I first need to get back on track in Holland considering my finances. Have been without a job for too long (like many others). I hope you will write a lot on this site, so I can be in thoughts with you and live your dream with you.
    A suggestion for your yoga/meditation. When you are in Kathmandu go and visit The Om Family. I did some courses with them in Pokhara and you will love it! They have a fantastic program, enough to choice your personal favorite from.
    I am also happy knowing that I can not go to give the so badly needed support – that some one else will: YOU! Go and enjoy every single minute of it!
    And you know: you give me the hope that again one day I will also be able to follow my dream again.
    Bless you. Namaste.

  3. Sooo exciting – I just can’t wait to read your blog and see the photos etc. I will spread the word as much as possible to get more people reading you online…lol

  4. It all sounds so fantastic, so wonderful Neesha and I’m so pleased everything has come together for you. I will think of you now on this new brave adventurous path, your dream, I too am so excited for you. Thankyou for sharing your dream with us, love and hugs Carla xxx

  5. neesha, youre proof that dreams come true, i remember our discussion, the inception of the idea, how you were going to get to Nepal with no money! Life is abundance , when you believe in your goddess power.
    Go take your energy to what awaits you.

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