Deadline day looms

Tomorrow – May 28th – is the deadline for Nepal’s constitution.

Differing political blocks (of the 20 plus political parties involved including the Maoists)have been scrambling to get an extension of the deadline but with little success. Parliament is closed today and will reconvene for the deadline.. Rival factions have started to have photo ops with the media of their paramilitary groups according to the Himalayan Times and Kathmandu Post. There is no finalised constitution. Nepal is amazing but rife with problems inflicted from external and internal sources – development issues, economic uncertainty, political instability, lack of access to clean water, food supply costs, load shedding, pollution, competing INGO’s and NGO’s, homelessness, land seizures, drugs…

But this country deserves a bright future.

The people are tenacious even after years of political instability and civil war. They are open-hearted, funny  and intelligent. The country is beautiful and despite its issues Nepal gets under your skin. I miss living there. I love Nepal and I am fearful about her future if things go badly after the deadline passes.

Here are some links if you wish to follow what is happening more closely.

To my friends and family in Nepal be safe – my thoughts are with you.

Please contact me if needed or you have information about what is happening you would like to share.

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