Some words from a Nepali friend…

Some words from a Nepali friend of mine.

“We all are well but so worry seeing the political situation of Nepal.The deadline of constitution assembly will finish tomorrow (May 28) To extend the date, it needs two third number in constituent member. It is total 601 seats. And to extend the date of constituent assembly, it needs 401 seat. With out Maoist, it is not possible to extend it. But today, Maoist decided not to extend it. So it is so confused here that what will be after tomorrow. May be war, may be king come again, may be military come, may be Maoist go to jungle again and so on.”

News coverage over today’s deadline is indicative of this fermenting uncertainty. I really have no way to gauge how things will turn out currently being outside of the country. I hope for the best but with differing factions showing off paramilitary wings of their political movements, PM Nepal holding a tough line and the Maoists doing what they do I am concerned. Fingers crossed for a good outcome once the deadline for the constitution passes today.

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